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    RST Z68 Acceleration Option not available for Dual RAID-0 Array ?




      I didn't realize my configuration would be unusual, but it appears to be creating challenges.


      I have a new Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 Motherboard with Intel i3 CPU and a new 64 GB mSATA drive. I have two 2 TB SATA III hard drives configured into two 2 GB RAID 0 Arrays (one for OSes, one for Data), and a third 2 GB SATA II that I use to save local backups. I am running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. (I also intend to load other OSes, some of which have trouble with drives > 3 TB, which is why I created two RAID Arrays.) I have the current version of both my chipset software and my RAID drivers.


      Product DetectedIntel® 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets
      Current Version Installed9.2.0.1021
      This version is valid.


      Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/5/3400/6 Series SATA RAID Controller
      Current Driver Installed10.8.0.1003
      Your driver is current.


      In Intel RST, I see the following



                   Raid0_Sys  Raid0_Data

      Disk 1

      Disk 2


      Internal Disk 60 GB


      Disk 3 1.8 TB


      When I go into Intel RST, I see the Accelerate option, but the only drive I can accelerate is Disk 3. I am not presented with the option to Accelerate either Raid0_Sys (which is what I want to do) or Raid0_Data. So, I shut down, disconnected Disk 3, Left Disks 1 and 2 connected, and restarted, and the Accelerate button went away completely.


      I am coming to the conclusion that Acceleration is not available for a RAID 0 Array when there are two RAID 0 Arrays on a pair of disks. Can anyone confirm this, or offer some suggestions as to how I can enable acceleration for my system disk?


      Thank you very much,

      Chuck LePard

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          This is completely expected since you are not allowed to accelerate a RAID volume that is part of a matrix RAID. In your case you have a matrix RAID of RAID 0 volumes in just one array.


          You will be only able to accelerate a RAID volume if that volume is the only one in a single array.

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            Derek GC White

            When I initially bought my GA-Z68XP-UD3 motherboard and an i7 processor I had the following configuration working perfectly:

            Intel SATA 0 & 3 - 2 x OCZ 128GB SSD in RAID0 configuration

            Intel SATA 1,2 & 4 - 3 x Seagate 1TB HDD in RAID5 configuration

            Intel SATA 5 - 1 x Runcore 60GB SSD e-SATA in accelerated mode


            About a month ago my PC all of a sudden started to go a lot slower and I eventually tracked that down to the RST saying SSD was not longer available for acceleration. I upgraded the RST software to the latest version and the accelerate button disappeared altogether


            Why did Intel provide a marvellous opportunity and then sudfdenly take it away without any warning?


            The only conclusion I can come to is there is some form of marketing ploy being used here though I believe it is quite underhand to use this sort of approach


            If it is not a marketing ploy why did the accelerate optioin work so well for at least 6 months before it was withdrawn and what level of drivers gets me back to the place I was when I purchased the system?