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    I5 2500k temp question


      Hi, I'm a little bit conserned about my sandybridge, cus on idle i run at 38,45,33 and 34C and i have reed that it should be the first core that should be hottest. Even that the second core loads the least, it is always hottest. On load the other cores go up to arond 50 when the second core goes over 60. I'm running with stock cooler and stock clocks. one time i had 20c difference between core one and two. I've checked with my friend who also has a i5 2500k with stock cooler and stock clocks and he doesn't have the same problem. And there is nothing wrong with mounting the cooler cus I've had putted together som many computers both mine and all my friends. So I'm asking what should I do?

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          Temperature disparities on the cores are very common on these processors.


          In this case, the crucial Temperature that we need to monitor is for the entire CPU Temperature, which is available in BIOS.

          For this specific Processor, the maximum normal Temperature is 72.6 °C.