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    DP55KG - hard hang with white noise coming from audio


      I have a DP55KG (AAE47218-403) with a Core i7 860, 8 GiB RAM.


      Randomly (from a couple of times a day to every couple of weeks) it dies - completely unresponsive, and the speakers are emitting white noise (or maybe pink noise) - random hissing noise.


      Holding the power switch down for 10 seconds has no effect - the power needs to be removed.  (Fortunately the 600 watt Cooler Master Silent Pro power supply has a rocker switch.)  It seems that it has crashed at the BIOS level.


      It reboots fine, and runs for a few hours to a few weeks before doing it again.  I've replaced the memory with a set from another system that I upgraded, but no change.  (Memory tests (memtestx86) run for several days without any errors reported.)


      Has anyone else seen this?


      The BIOS is a couple of updates old, but the change logs don't mention anything that seems related.


      I'm considering trying a new power supply, but that's a fair chunk of money to spend on a "maybe it's the power supply" guess.  (The power supply is way over-sized - the system has a 9800GT and three disks.)

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          ...and the BIOS event logs have nothing - although there was one spurious entry about a CPU thermal limit being exceeded a week or so ago.


          "Spurious" because it's winter, and the furnace has been off for a month - the office probably hasn't been above 20º for two months.  And "spurious" because that's the only "high temperature" entry in the log.  If there were a thermal event for every "white noise hang", it would be time to try a new CPU cooler.