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    SMS 2003 Add-On + SMB Mode - Is remote management possible?


      Hi All.


      My environment:


      SMS 2003 SP3 + AMT Add-On (No SCS)

      Single test PC, HP DC7900 provisioned in SMB (Basic?) mode


      I have the SMS Add-On configured with the username and password set up on the test PC. I can web browse to the AMT page on the test PC and the credentials I configured work. Power management etc. works as expected.


      My question:


      When I try to examine the PC using the SMS console the only option available is to check if the PC is AMT enabled (which when I choose the option reports that the machine is enabled for AMT). Is this expected behaviour? Should I be able to inventory, reset etc with this set-up or do I need a full SCS installation and Enterprise type provisioning? I've spent some time browsing various PDFs but nothing I've read gives an explicit answer.


      Thanks in anticipation




      Stuart Squibb

      IT Department

      Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust, UK