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    Intel 4965agn hangs, drops connection



      I'm using the Intel 4965AGN with Windows 7 64bit.

      Since I updated to the latest driver, the connection freezes / drops and I have to restart my computer to get it working again.

      It happens especially if I'm downloading a bigger file - which is very frustrating.


      Is there a solution or an older driver available?

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          try switching to 'safe mode' and do system restore to get back to the earlier driver state.

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            See if your symptoms the same as follows:


            Event ID 5002 (many) followed by 5005. Tried updating driver. Newer ones would hang the adapter causing re-boot to reset it; older ones would recover, but still 5002's and 5005 in the log. Only happened when streaming (like watching a ball game, etc.). Bought a Mini USB-connected wireless N adapter for $10 and the problem(s) went away - must be in the adapter or driver(s), I thought! Continued searching for answer (techies do this by nature). 'net searches on OEM sites and general showed MANY folks having same/similar problem with Intel wireless adapters. Decided to try enabling/disabling stuff in my router. Noticed an option for WMM. Researched it on the 'net. Seemed to only apply to streaming, and other bandwidth-hogging xmissions. Was advised that WMM is sometimes called Ad Hoc Qos Mode. Disabled it in the router Was called WMM there). Found Ad Hoc Qos Mode option under the Advanced Tab in the Configuration Option for my 4695AGN adapter. Changed it to WMM disabled! Re-booted and did some streaming every day for 3 days. No more symptoms! Changed everything back just to check! Within 15 minutes 4695AGN hung while streaming! My driver is ver., which is current distribution for W7 64-bit.  I am soooooo happy! Hope this will help you not to go through a month of maddening trials, or throwing out a perfectly good adapter! I still think the driver is not handling something properly with WMM, because the older ones (12.0... and below) keep working without hanging, although you still get a boatload of 5002,5's every 1 - 60 minutes in your System event log!


            P.S. I am NOT saying this is your problem; but it sure fixed mine!

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              After the update I started to have problems with all wifi connections, not just my home router - and changing the settings in all the routers isn't really an option.


              I wonder if there's an archive of older drivers, so I could just download an older but glitchless version.