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    Intell DG45SG / Vista Ultimate Video Card Compatability

      Intel DP45SG Motherboard 750W power supply 2x2g 1333 Kingston Memory. 1 150g Raptor HD.

      The Enemy: Sapphire (ATI) HD4670 1g Video Card & ATI 8.12 Catalyst software and Drivers.

      Below are my comments to Sapphire and ATI Tech support.

      Do you have any suggestions?

      I am leaning toward a different Video card.

      Possibly an Nvidia 9800GTX

      Could you recommend a different card as I feel there is possibly a compatibility issue with the DP45SG / Vista combo and ATI’s  Catalysts set of software and drivers.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      This card is installed on an Intel DP45SG MB using Vista ultimate OS. I have used the catalyst that came with the card as well as the newest drivers and CCC from ATI. All with the same problem. After installation and a reboot the screen goes black and goes to sleep as there is no video signal. I have to reboot to safe mode and use System restore to uninstall the CCC and restart to run the video card on Vista drivers. I have ran the applications as the administrator as well as tried to update the drivers in the device manager nothing works can you help me?


      I have tried this card on an Intel DG33TL with XP Pro. It installs and works excellent.

      I have uninstalled it from the Intel DP45SG Motherboard Ran the cat-uninstaller restarted and reinstalled. Also Have uninstalled removed the device and re-installed it and tried to install the software / drivers. I have used the supplied Disk as well as the Latest ATI Catalysts & Drivers. At least 10 times doing every thing I could think of. I finally disconnected everything on the motherboard and re-installed the operating System with only 1 hard drive present. Installed the latest .net framework and have tried the Sapphire supplied disk as well as the Newest Catalysts & Drivers from ATI. All attempts the Catalyst and software / drivers appear to install successfully and upon the Catalyst prompted restart a black screen and requires a reboot to safe mode and a system restore to let the windows supplied drivers run the Video card. I have spent 20+ hours of installing and re-installing and the Video card will not work with its own drivers on the Intel DP45SG motherboard with Vista Ultimate OS.

      Reboot yields a black screen. With no signal. And yes I have tried both DVI outputs. Is this a compatibility issue with Vista or my motherboard?

      Please help