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    Uninstallation / Update of Intel PROSet version 14.1 and higher


      Hello All,


      In last days I'm facing problem when I uninstall or remove drivers 14.1 and install later ones like 14.2 or 14.3 then the driver is not working properly. Application is installed, I can see the WLAN card in device manager, everything is enabled ... but no WLANs found.


      Uninstallation and installation again will not solve the problem. My only known solution how to solive is to reinstall WIndows and install diffrent drivers than 14.1.


      Drivers used are Wireless_14.2.0.10_s64.exe


      Any ideas how to fix this?


      We are using HP Elitebooks 8440 and 8460. Wlan card inside is Advanced-N 6205, Windows 7 64 bit. Drivers from HP Support are also not helping.



      Thanks a lot.





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          If you are working with windows images of the operating system, please note that you might need to install a fresh installation of the os and use the latest drivers of the wifi adapter, then test the card, if the issue persists it is possible that you have a hardware problem with the card and the recommendation will be to contact the system manufacturer for further assistance with the wifi card.