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    Boot Certificate has Expired


      My NClassmate NL1 bricked yesterday. I suspect that the certificate in the TPM chip is expired and I have no idea how to renew it. It is prompting me for a 10-digit code to even get into the BIOS or Boot the computer. This isn’t a BIOS password type of thing, this is definitely certificate related and the TPM is the only place I can think of on the board that would have one.


      The message is: “Sorry, the computer boot certificate has expired and the machine is now locked. Please contact your computer administrator to obtain an unlock code for your computer to be unlocked. “  It then provides a long HEX number and a message asking if I’m ready to enter the code, Press Y if not Press N and the PC powers off when you do that. It also powers off when you fail to enter the correct code 3 times.


      Where can I find this 10-digit code? What is the procedure for updating the boot certificate?