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    Forthcoming RST 11.5 and RAID BOIS ROM Question


      Hi all, first post here - Though I have an Asus board (P5Q deluxe, 2301 bios w/modded raid rst 10.1 rom), it's more of an Intel question.


      Running two SSD's in RAID0 via Intel RST, w/win7 sp1 64bit. System BIOS has rst 10.1 rom, and when I installed win7 I used the "Press F6"/oem rst 10.8 drivers - everythings working fine.


      Once rst 11.5 is released allowing TRIM on RAID (yeeeeeeeeeey), can I just update the drivers in windows device manager to 11.5 and get the TRIM, or do I have to update the bios rom itself, rebuild the array, and reinstall the OS (of course using rst 11.5 drivers) to get TRIM (and other benefits of 11.5)?







      PS -

      The closest thing I found to this question in the FAQ is here: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/CS-020657.htm

      but it does not seem to be specific to new feature sets when updating  the drivers in OS software versus bios rom, and google searching did not  reveal an answer.

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          Hello shadoweyez,


          I understand that you want to know if you will need to update the BIOS ROM to be able to use the new features.


          In regards to your inquire, we cannot comment on unreleased products, but what usually happens is that you need first to update the firmware on the controller and then update the operating system software.


          In other words, wait until your motherboard manufacturer makes an updated BIOS that supports the new SATA firmware and then update the Windows* drivers and then you should be able to use all the features and fixes.