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    Where are the Intel Rapid Storage drivers that support ICH8M?


      I'm trying to upgrade a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop with a new SSD.  The laptop has the Intel PM965 Express Chipset with the 82801HBM I/O Controller Hub (ICH8M).  I'd like to use the latest Intel drivers for this SATA AHCI controller since they support the TRIM command under Windows 7.


      According to several pages on the Intel Support website, including this one, the Intel Rapid Storage drivers should support this chipset.  However, the only versions I'm presented in the download center when I navigate to Chipsets > Chipset Software > Intel Rapid Storage Technology are v10.8.0.1003 which doesn't support ICH8M, and v8.8.0.1009 of the legacy Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver, which doesn't support TRIM.


      I know from other threads in this forum that older versions of the Intel Rapid Storage drivers supported ICH8M, but I can't find them in the download center.  This thread from just a few months ago even includes a link (now dead) where the can supposedly be found in the download center.


      I've tried the automatic driver update utility, but it doesn't seem to proceed past the "Loading" animation.


      What happened to these older versions?  Why are they no longer available from the download center?  What's the latest version of this software that supports my chipset?  Where can I download it from an official source?