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    How do I find out for certain whether a CPU supports HyperThreading?


      Hi, I decided to replace the CPUs in my server (SE7520JR2 mainboard and SR1400 chassis), however, it seems that some of the supported CPUs do not support HyperThreading, however, the infoirmation seems inconsistent.


      For example, 3.8GHz Irwindale (SL8P2) is one of the CPUs I'm considering, cpu-world.com says that it supports HyperThreading (link), but a comment stated that it does not. The information on ark.intel.com (link). However, Intel's site says that the CPUs that currently are in the server (SL7PE most likely, 3.00GHz, F41 E0) also do not support HyperThreading but this is wrong, because the two CPUs do appear as 4 and CPU-Z says that HT is supported (Cores: 1, Threads: 2).


      So, now I am completely confused. Is there a way to find out whether the CPU supports HT without actually buying it and sticking it into the server?


      Also, as I understand, the SR1400 case does not have enough cooling for dual core CPUs, which kinda sucks, because dual core CPUs would probably be better than that 3.8GHz.