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    Problem With Intel 82591G/GV/910GL Chipset Update


      I realize that Intel support for this chipset ended in 2009 and was hoping if anyone had any ideas as to what could be going wrong.


      Running an older Gateway Desktop (506GR) with XP Home sp3.  Also have 1 gig RAM.  I play a lot of PC based games and have been having problems with some games running very slowly.  I updated the above chipset to the latest driver (2007).  However, when I did so the PC would not recognize the current version of my monitor, which is an LCD widescreen 16:9.  It converted everything to a 4:3 ratio and the fonts were ridiculously small.  I was able to adjust the fonts while playing around with the display options, but all web pages, email etc. were still scrunched into the 4:3 display.


      Finally, I uninstalled the chipset update and reverted back to the previous driver.  The display went back to normal.  Because of problems with some of the games, I had contacted the website where they were purchased.  They ran a diagnostic report and although they agreed with me that adding more RAM might help, there is a greater concern about updating the chipset driver.  This appears to be the major problem.


      If anyone has any thoughts on what might be the problem with the 910GL chipset and my pc, please advise.  I am considering replacing this machine with a refurbished one running an Intel 950 series chipset w/ Xp Pro as the old gal (the pc, not me) needs other updates including a bigger hard drive.  Since the refurb has both a larger hard drive, 4G RAM and a later chipset (all for less than $200) if I can't seem to solve this problem than I may go that route.


      Thanks in advance for reading and have a great day!