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    Problem with S5000VSA


      Hi everyone,

      I have a problem with Intel server with S5000VSA. First of all, my server configuration is:

      • Motherboard S5000VSA
      • One proccesor (E5405)
      • Chassis SC5299DP
      • 2 Gb of RAM Kingston (KVR667D2D8F5/2G)
      • 2 Hard disks SCSI
      • 1 DVD

      I have been given this server to see if I can fix. When I got it, I was told that it had been off for about 3 months and that now there was no way of starting it.

      When I boot the server, the fans turn on and there is power at the hard drives and DVD drive. Then, I hear 3 beeps and the lights at the rear (POST Code Diagnostic LEDs) light up as follows: red, amber, amber, off. Before starting the server, status led is green, but after turning it on and after being a bit with the lights as I mentioned before, it goes to amber.

      For one thing, the manual says 3 beeps mean “Memory error. Re-seat the memory or replace the DIMMs with known good modules.” . On the other hand, for the lights it says “Started connecting drivers”.

      I don't know which one should I follow, if the beeps and change the RAM or the lights. Besides I do not understand the code of the lights.

      There's never video signal and no power is being supplied to the keyboard since the "num lock key" light never flashes.

      I tried to reset the CMOS and force BIOS to bank 2.

      Could anybody help me?


      Thanks and regards.