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    Repeated / Frequent Thermal Shutdown




      At the outset, please excuse my non-standard terminology, if any. I have  a desktop computer with Intel D865GBF mother board and 2.8 GHz HT processor. Even though the machine is old, it still works fine (till thermal shutdwon occurs), so I don't feel like junking it just yet. I operated it with Windows 98 in the beginning, then upgraded it to Windows XP and recently, in spite of problem being faced, I upgraded it to Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Recently, when I faced some minor hardware issues and wanted to upgrade RAM, I sought help of my friend. While doing other things, he removed and replaced the processor chip. Since then the machine turns off every now and then due to thermal shutdown. I have tried keeping chasis cover open, fitting additional chasis fan, keeping the system in front / under table / ceiling fan, keeping system in ac room, but to no avail. I also procured Intel thermal paste and applied it to the heat sink following suggested procedure.


      In spite of all this, the system shuts down after every one hour or so even when in ac room. Can anybody suggest any reasons / remedies please?

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          Hello Kanhere,


          I understand that your system is shutting down because of an over heating problem and you will like to know the possible causes.


          In regards to your inquire, I recommend you to update the BIOS on the motherboard and make sure that the processor that you have installed is fully compatible.


          Here you can find the list of compatible processors:




          Usually over heating is caused by a bad integration of the Heat Sink or the Thermal Interface Material was not applied correctly. At this time, I recommend you to wipe off with a paper napkin the old Thermal Interface Material and apply some new Intel(R) Thermal Interface Material.


          If the problem continues, you may need to update your computer.





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            Hi Victor_Intel,


            Thank you at the outset for prompt reply. I also read up all other related posts / discussions on the forum. After thorough analysis of all the information, I suspected that I had no major hardware issue and it was more a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.


            I am giving detailed account of what all I did as it may help somebody. I had noticed that with the cabinet laid flat on the desk and cover opened, when I put on the ceiling fan, the thermal shutdown was occuring even quicker. This laid me to believe that it was a case of starvation / inappropriate air flow. On further scrutinty, I realised that the original heat sink fan and cabinet fan added later were forcing air in opposite direction. I just reversed the orientation of cabinet fan and the probem was resolved to a great extent. During endurance test, the machine has run for upto 7-8 hours without shutdown.


            Even though there is a remarkable improvement, the machine still shuts down if the ambient temperature is on the higher side, which was not the case earlier. I believe original thermal interface material was some sort of pad about 1 mm thick, while what I applied recently was a paste kind of thing in a syringe. Is little degradation in performance that I am experiencing due to difference in the kind of thermal interface material?


            Thank you once again.