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    Intel 82578DM Gigabit network connection does not work




      My PC configuration is as follows:

      Processor: intel i5 3.6 GHz

      RAM : 4 GB

      motherboard: intel LADQ57TML

      OS: Windows 7 professional SP1


      I have an issue with the intel network adapter 82758DM on my PC's Intel LADQ57TML motherboard.


      It does not detect the network immediately even after entering the settings correctly. It takes a long time to detect and connect ot the network. Sometimes, It does not connect at all.


      The problem persists even after

      1. Re-installing the latest drivers from intel website

      2. Doing the complete format of the hard drive and re-installing the OS.

      3. Replacing the motherboard(which the vendor has opened the seal before me) and updating the BIOS.


      I, then connected a PCI add-on LAN card (Realtek make). After entering the same settings, and disabling the intel network adapter, It started working normally. It connects immediately to the network and gives a good transfer speed.


      Once I disable the realtek network card and enable the intel network adapter (and enter the same settings), It does not connect to network and the problem repeats.


      The network at my place is fine and there are no issues with cable, switch, gateway and DNS server. My addon LAN card works perfectly well.

      The vendor has replaced the motherboard with a brand new one, even then I am still facing the issue.


      Since, last 2-3 weeks I am really frustrated with the issue as my vendor says his motherboard is fine. I don't know know where the problem is. Please help me in solving this issue.