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    Intel PROSet Custom MSI Installation


      Before I start, can I thank Intel for finally taking out the My Wifi feature and 100's of needless folders from the enterprise installations! Much appreciated.


      Now to my query...


      Just downloaded Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software 14.3.1 for my HP laptops (with 5300 AGN network cards) and I am wanting to create a custom MSI installation so I can deploy this to our customers silently and remotely.


      From a quick Google, I have found some properties from the version 13 installation, which are added as part of the command line by using "ADDLOCAL=". Can anyone help me match these up to what is in the properties/features table within the MSI?


      Properties for version 13:








      Features for version 14.3.1:

      Intel(R) WiFi Link Driver
      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed
      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software
      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility
      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software


      How would I get a transform file to select what I want to install? Would I add the properties mentioned above into the properties table and set them to true or false depending on my requirements?


      Would I ammend the features table? That has all these settings mentioned above with either level values of "1" or "101" assigned.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          I've managed to solve it myself, no real documentation anywhere on the net for this...


          FYI, this is an extract of the feature table from Intel PROSet Wireless.msi:


          Customized WiFi Applications HelpCustomized WiFi Help0101INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_UIWIFI_SoftwareIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection UtilityIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Graphical User Interface components.91INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_Admin_ToolkitWIFI_UIAdministrator ToolkitAdministrator Tool allows system administrators to create configuration   packages.13101INSTALLDIR8
          Intel(R) WiFi Link DriverIntel(R) WiFi Link Driver51INSTALLDIR8
          Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi SoftwareIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Infrastructure components.71INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_MWT_SoftwareWIFI_SoftwareIntel(R) My WiFi TechnologyThe Intel(R) My WiFi Technology provides components for personal area   network connectivity.3101INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_PROSetWIFI_UIIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless Enterprise SoftwareIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software provides connectivity   between PCs and wireless LAN.11101INSTALLDIR8
          Common32WIFI_DriverDO NOT TRANSLATE
          WIFI_LegacyDriver32WIFI_DriverDO NOT TRANSLATE.
          LegacyDriverWin732WIFI_LegacyDriver32DO NOT TRANSLATE.
          WIFI_BTHSWIFI_DriverIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High SpeedIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed21INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_BTHS_x86WIFI_BTHSIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High SpeedIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed01INSTALLDIR24
          WIFI_IPANWIFI_MWT_SoftwareIntel(R) My WiFi UtilityThe Intel(R) My WiFi Utility provides user-interface (UI) components for   operating your personal area network.21INSTALLDIR8
          WIFI_HelpWIFI_UIIntel(R) WiFi Applications HelpIntel(R) WiFi Help01INSTALLDIR24
          WIN7_Driver32WIFI_DriverDO NOT TRANSLATE


          The key here is the Level column. If the value is 1, it is installed. If the value is 101, it is not installed.


          To satisfy my needs, I changed the value of WIFI_PROSet to 1 so it installed the Enterprise software.


          Here are the properties and what feature they relate to:


          WIFI_DriverIntel(R) WiFi Link Driver
          WIFI_BTHS & WIFI_BTHS_x86Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed
          WIFI_SoftwareIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software
          WIFI_UIIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility
          WIFI_PROSetIntel(R) PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software
          WIFI_Admin_ToolkitAdministrator Toolkit


          Finally I created an install package for the profiles and settings using the administrator toolkit and deployed that after the install and voila!


          Now I need to worry about our wifi infrastructure




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