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    video card problems


      Do you have to diable the onboard video on the dh67blb3 motherboard for a seperate video card to work? I'm trying to use a radeon 6970 but every time I put it in the computer won't boot up, it boots fine with the card out. Is this a card problem or is there something I need to do to the motherboard to recognize the video card?

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          The PCI Express* slot will automatically disable the onboard graphics after installing the card; there is no setting at a BIOS level to do so.

          Our recommendation is confirming compatibility information with the card manufacturer, if possible test with a different one to narrow the issue.

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            In the configuration menu of DH67BL bios, there is a video settings line. (I own a DH67GD with same hardware/bios).

            Entering this sub menu you will find several choices.

            Usually, as said before, everything is in auto mode and your PCIe card should be detected with a monitor plugged in, however there are so much possibilities that it is better to check these settings.

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              What Power supply do you have , Most HD 6970s  Draw about 70 Amps , and have one 6 pin plug and one 8 Pin Plug ,  with a card like this most Mfg. would say a Min. 550 watt , I would use a 850 watt . Because you have alot of other stuff that eats power.  Did you have another card before you installed the HD6970?