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    Can i achieve In-Band-Managing without Root Certificate in the Mebx?


      After reading some very interesting pages on this forum we build a testcenter with a 2008 Rs server and SCCM 2007 R3.
      AMT Provisioning Certificate and AMT Webserver Certificate are managed via an internal PKI.
      When i enter the Root Certificate Hash in the MebX everything works fine and the clients could be provisioned.
      Without the hash it got errors in the OOBmgmt.log that the hash was not found.


      Someone told us that the SCCM-Client could register the Certificates when we use in-band-provisioning and the Root hash would not be necessary.
      Until now i havn't found any helpful documents in this case.
      Could perhaps someone share some light if there is a chance to get this working?


      Thank's a lot and best regards.