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    Update: Intel HD 3000 Graphics Doesn't detect "DENON A/V Receiver" as HDMI Audio Device




      I just discovered a good clue on my problem.


      I always use my A/V Receiver to connect HDMI devices, but today i tried connecting directly my Samsung TV to the Macbook and Intel (HD) Graphics Audio recognized the TV and a new "Playback Device" appeared in the Windows menu.


      So the currently problem is that (just in Windows 7, since in OS X HDMI audio is working with DENON A/V Receiver):


      Intel HD 3000 graphics is not detecting <Denon A/V Receiver> as an "HDMI audio-capable device"


      More information:

      - My denon A/V receiver ( DENON AVR-1712 ) is sucessfull detected by my netbook with Intel G45 Express Graphics, but not working if i use Intel HD 3000 graphics on my MBA.

      - Nvidia and Ati HDMI Audio drivers recognize my Denon AVR without problems also.

      - I can't test this in another HD 3000 graphics gpu, since my Macbook AIR is the only but i think the problem is related to this GPU driver.






      Hi, i wanted to report this.

      "Intel(R) Display Audio" is not working in Macbook Airs mid-2011. These laptops have an Intel HD 3000 Graphics but there is no way to use Digital Audio under Windows 7 x64 SP1. (Digital Audio works fine under Mac OS, but Mac OS is very slow playing heavy HD videos unlike Windows).