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    DG41TX and AC'97


      I've been working on an AC'97 audio driver for the Intel ICH 7 controller and I am using a DG41TX motherboard.

      I am trying to enable the AC'97 controller instead of the Intel HD audio.

      There is an option in the BIOS called "High Definition Front Panel Audio" which is supposed to allow me to select HD audio or legacy audio. However, this option does work, in the sense that when I chose "Disabled" (which is supposed to enable AC'97) the BIOS will keep using the Intel HD Audio as the audio controller.


      I want to point out that the BIOS is not updated to the newest version, however, the various bios updates documentations do not seem indicate that such issue has been fixed or exists.


      Has this happened to anyone before ? Any ideas ?


      Thank you for your help.