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    Motherboard for i5-2450M


      Hi - I'm looking for a motherboard for i5-2450M processor (or similar) so that I can build a custom PC that can do WiDi.


      Anyone know if such a motherboard exists and where I could find one?


      Thank You.

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          Hello ngr,


          The Intel® Wireless Display feature was designed as a platform-based technology for laptops only. There are several requirements that need to be met in order to have a chance for Intel® Wireless Display to work. See the list below, that is the only way this is supported through Intel:




          What makes a custom integration difficult is the fact that the wireless adapters are designed only for laptops, and they must be installed by the laptop manufacturer (since the laptop manufacturer must comply with strict FCC and IEEE regulations in regards to this hardware, they usually would have their system blocked for unauthorized hardware installations).


          At this moment we have not tested or planed to have this feature supported on retail integrations.