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    SE7525RP2 motherboard 12 or 13 beeps HELP please


      I have a Intel SE7525RP2 that start to beep when it is started. It gives me 12 short beeps and one long beep y supose that is a Boot Block Error Beep Code and in the documentation says that:
      12 beep ‘AMIBOOT.ROM’ file size error
      13 beep BIOS ROM image mismatch (file layout does not match image present in flash device)
      1 long beep Insert diskette with AMIBOOT.001 File for Multi-Disk Recovery
      I dont know if the 12 Short and 1 long beeps that i hear refers to 13 total beeps or to 12 beep and 1 long beep both errors are related to the bios.
      I have try to reinstall the bios via AFUDOS using afudos /i /c1 /c2 /n /pb and the beeps continued.
      Anyway i dont know how to get an amiboot.001 file for the multi disk recovery issue.
      The Computer starts and works fine, but the beeps doesnt stop so we cannot work
      Thank you for any help