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    Intel SSD 320 80GB slow read 110 MB/s



      I'm using my SSD 320 80GB since 4 month in my business HP laptop 6530b.

      I was wondering that file delete, boot and opening big excel files took much longer than a few weeks ago. The laptop is running 9 hours every day

      I run the benchmark tool ATTO first time and the read performance is lower than expected.


      The SSD was filled with 74GB for a few days, could it be that this reduced the read performance?


      newest firmware

      BIOS setting is AHCI

      Windows 7 - new installed on this SSD 4 month ago

      the disk is encrypted


      I used a Vertex 2 in this laptop and got a read performance of 250 MB/s last year. So it couldn't be a limitation of the sata controller.


      Has anybody the same experience with slow read?




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          nobody with the same read performace problem?

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            It sure sounds like you need to do a secure erase and reinstall.  I've heard that you need to leave about 15 to 20 percent of the drive free but there is so much misinformation on the web I didn't know what to make of it.  What does the Intel Toolbox say about the drives health?


            If you end up doing a secure erase please report back on your results to this forum.  I for one would like to know if this solves your issue.

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              I found the reason for my performance issue: the McAfee Endpoint Encryption

              I deleted the partition and installed a fresh windows 7 -> 250MB/s read performance

              installed the McAfee Endpoint Encryption 5.2.3 -> read performance slows down to 110 MB/s

              Disk ist 50% free


              I checked the McAfee knowledge database, SSD performance is a known issue with the full disk enclyption and should be solved with the newer Versions

              I don't belive that my company will invest money a new version next time, so I have to live with the slower performance

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                Although I imagine you must use your employers encryption software, the 320 SSDs have built in encryption.