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    Need help  DX58SO


      I'm having a problem with DX58SO motherboard.with latest BIOS ver. 5561


      1. PC  wont wake up after it goes to sleep.so I have to manually turn off the pc

      2 .Lost internet connection,  LAN ethernet not found so I have to manually turn off the pc


      Any suggestions.

      Any help would be appreciated



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          What kind of BIOS update did you perform?


          If it's possible that you had a bad update, try a recovery bios update using a usb.


          Also, try reloading the Intel LAN driver also.



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            I use the BIO method the update the BIOS.

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              I think I should use the EXE. method to update BIOS.

              But anyway now let me do the Recovery BIOS update using a usb stick.that should slove the problem.


              Thanks for help

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                I did recovery latest bios update. But same problem exit .

                Any other solution?

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                  If you're confident you completed a good BIOS update, check your BIOS settings.


                  Also, did you uninstall and reinstall the Intel LAN driver?


                  It may be a good idea to uninstall all the Intel drivers and reinstall from fresh downloads.


                  I'm not having any issues on my DX58SO with the latest BIOS installed. You should go through a troubleshooting procedure to determine if the board is the problem or something attached to the board is causing the issue. Disconnect everything from the board and check to see if you still have the issue. It could be a bad board. If the board checks out with everything removed, then reinstall everything one at a time to see if you can find the cause.



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                    Also, what os are you running? I've had issues with my pc not waking up before; the problem was with the os settings.



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                      I'm running Windows 7 64bit Professional.

                      I format the SSD drive prior recovery BIOS update then Im using latest LAN driver.but I haven't uninstall and reinstall LAN after latest recovery BIOS update.

                      I also try with microsoft wireless keyboard & mouse but same problem.


                      My system:

                      MB: Intel DX58SO LGA 1366
                      GPU: Evga 460
                      CPU: Intel Core i7 950 (NO overclocking CPU)
                      HD: Intel SSD 120GB
                      PSU: Corsair 650W
                      MEM: 2Gx3 Corsair CMX6GX3M3A1333C9

                      Keyboard:DELL (wired usb)

                      Mouse:Microsoft (wired usb)

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                        There are several settings in Win7 that control how the pc sleeps and wakes up. I think you may have an os setting issue.


                        Did you just recently upgrade to win7? If so, did you do a clean install?


                        Also, do a full scan with windows defender.