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    i5 2500 DH67CL new build - idle CPU 76C normal ?


      installed a new i5 2500 with stock cooler into DH67CL today (no add on cards only RAM, HDD and on board graphics used, intended test server). Started up into BIOS (no OS yet):  idle CPU immediately goes from 51C and stabilizes at 76-77C.  tried reapplying thermal paste and reseating heat sink/fan ensuring all 4 pins visible/click on back of board, with no improvement.  all bios settings at default. room temperature 25-27C.  2x 120mm fans IN and 1x cpu fan.   CPU fan quiet "normal", i gather it does not kick in full until default threshold (88C?)


      i am new to intel board, is this temperature "normal" or do i need to change BIOS fan settings to bring the idle CPU temperature down to 30-40C range (like what I hear on forums where idle CPU should be)? 


      BIOS shows:

      Processor 76C

      PCH  56C

      Memory 40C

      VR 49C


      CPU Fan 1622 RPM

      Front 659 RPM  (120mm top of case extraction)

      Rear 620 RPM  (120 mm case side, extraction in line with CPU fan)



      before i assume faulty board or CPU am I missing some configuration perhaps ?  have searched through forum a few times but if this is posted previously can you pls point me in right direction ? 


      has anyone experienced this as well ?  thanks for reading and assistance in adv

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          I am not an expert on this subject but have read a number of posts similar to yours on this forum and the responses are invariably the same - The temps are higher in the BIOS when not running an O/S than they are when running an O/S. I would suggest installing the O/S and then check temps. Install Intel Desktop Utility or another utility and check temps and fan speeds and compare with your BIOS readings. Regards. Peter

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            is very hight !!!! , my dh67gd is   38C , chipset 56C

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              same answer as Peter.

              My DH67GD with core i5 2500 goes up to at least 70°C in bios, because energy saving features are not used in bios.

              Running windows 7 x64 the core temp. goes down to about 38°C with cpu fan (box)  at 1050RPM, chassis fans running 550RPM.

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                First of all thanks for responding, sorry for delayed resp, was away from test desktop. 

                Peter/yf38, I have tested thoroughly based on your suggestion; installed Win7 x64 then ran Intel Desktop Utils. 



                Overall, I am getting 39-40C at idle cpu (1-5%)  but this rises quickly to 72-77C (e.g. Windows Update ) when cpu (~25%).


                Also I tested one change to the BIOS fan setting under "Control Temperature" and set it "Fast" - quicker fan response to temperature changes.  This helped a little and it idles at 37C but not sure when under load.



                Is this consistent with what you have experienced as "normal" for a non-OC cpu because intended use is compute intensive tasks (no gaming like 100% possibly 60-70% load).  I realize there are manufacturing variations, so I am only trying to gauge that I have installed and configured my cpu and board within the boundaries of what's typical for this type of config.  Does Intel publish some kind of guidelines for "acceptable" or "unacceptable range" ?


                Thanks very much for your assistance,




                IDU at idle:



                IDU with Windows Update in background (CPU 25%):



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                  Hi - About a year ago when I built my current system (DH67CL with i7-2600K and stock cooler) I experienced temperatures similar to what you are seeing now you have installed an O/S. I decided to upgrade with a  relatively inexpensive cooler (Hyper 212 Plus) and that brought my CPU temp down to 26 at idle and 56 at a 50% load with ambient at 18.


                  You mention in the original post that you have two exhaust fans plus the stock CPU fan and the implication is you have them connected to posts on your board. I wonder why the second exhaust fan does not show up in the IDU. If your case is configured to allow it, you might benefit from a supply fan.


                  Re Intel providing an acceptable range of temps - a search on this site of i5-2500 will provide you with all the engineering data you could possibly want to read.  The CPU is designed to gracefully degrade and shut down when it gets too hot and that is what is most important. Regards. Peter

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                    I'm curious about the "reapplying thermal paste" part. You didn't apply any the first time through, right (it's already there out of the box)?  Also, when you did apply it later, did you thoroughly remove the old layer?  And what technique out of the many possibilities did you use to reapply, and in particular, did you maybe go too heavy with it (which works against you)?

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                      The thermal management for this board is done with minimizing noise in mind.

                      In bios setup there is a target maximum temperature for the core that you can modify.

                      The default value is 80°C, giving about 20°C safety margin.

                      Until the temperature of the core is far from this target temperature the fan is driven at low speed, typicaly 1050RPM at idle, rizing few hundreds above with some higher loading far from full load.

                      When the temperature comes close the target temp. the fan is driven faster to try to regulate at the target temp.

                      The fan speed goes at something like 2200RPM and maybe above if needed.

                      With my DH67GD and core i5 2500 with boxed fan heatsink, at 75°C target temp. I get this temperature figure with OCCT:



                      This is a typical figure I also use to get with my older motherboard DG45ID.

                      If you replace the boxed heatsink fan by a more efficient one, the rising edge of the temperature is slower, but it may reach the same value after a longer time.

                      If you have a very efficient heatsink, it is possible that you never reach the target temperature because the fan, even running at the lowest speed is overcooling the processor.

                      This situation has no real interest, except for gamers overclocking their system.

                      In summary, in my opinion, your system is running fine.

                      You can check with OCCT if you want.


                      If the behaviour of your system is obviously worst that what I describe, check first the push pins locking the heatsink on the motherboard.

                      Sometimes one of the four is not correctly locked and this is the cause of non uniform pressure giving marginal contact.

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                        thanks very much guys,  really appreciate the suggestions it's helped greatly. 


                        rseiler, yes the HS was initially installed with original out of box thermal paste (bit excessive but ok), removed thoroughly with isopropyl in each subsequent attempt, tried pea method (settled on this) and spread method with some improvements (1-2% drop - some of that contributed by change to fan sensitivity setting).  Overnight I reseated HS again, double checked push pins all clicked through (this time with motherboard out the of case) - no change but I am happy with the install based on what I am seeing with the temperatures and also yf38's and peter;s comments.


                        yf38 thanks again for your insights on how it works, will also check out the OCCT (learned something new again !)




                        many many thanks to everyone again for all the assistance.