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    i5-2500K plus DZ68DB equals no DVI output


      About six months ago I built a system with a DZ68DB and a i5-2405S and no video card.  It ran just fine for a few months, but like many people I wanted a little better performance.  So I bought a i5-2500K and put it on the table to install.


      Then I did something that was, in retrospect, really stupid.  My friends ask me to remove viruses so I decided to build a second PC to use as a test-bed.  I bought another DZ68DB / i5-2500K to fill this case (I should have just used the i5-2405S, but hindsight is always 20-20).


      Then I installed the first i5-2500K in the original PC.  To my horror, I saw the same video artifacts as can be seen at



      It took me a little while to determine that installing a video card would fix the problem.  I installed an ASUS video card and now I see no more video artifacts.  Better video performance is okay, so this is not so bad.


      I was able to install Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (same as on the first PC) on the second system and run for a few hours.  I installed antivirus and a few utilities.  Then Windows Update asked me to install the latest Intel graphics driver.  Now I see no output at all, not even the BIOS screen, regardless of whether I use DVI-D (digital) or DVI-I (analog).  Now I am screwed.  As others have discovered, the latest graphics driver is garbage.


      And before anyone asks, I checked and rechecked all connections.  The same monitor works for the first system, but not the second, so it is not the monitor.  It is conceivable that the second system's DZ68DB DVI connector is broken or that the board/CPU has failed in another way.


      I detached the SATA power and data connections from the system drive and tried to boot it that way.  I hoped I would see the BIOS screen, but no.


      I swapped the i5-2405S back in, hoping that video would reappear, but no.


      Both DZ68DBs are using the 09/28/2011 BIOS firmware.  RAM on the second PC is Corsair XMS 4GB DDR3 1333.


      If I cannot see the BIOS screen, I cannot boot in Safe Mode to uninstall the nasty driver.  One option would be to dump the DZ68DB, but even the DH67CL can have the same problem according to the comments on Newegg.  The other option is to install a video card.


      Any suggestions?  RMA the DZ68DB or buy a video card?



      Update: I installed a spare 8400GS video card.  Still no DVI output.  Therefore, the DZ68DB is toast.