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    Intel HD 2000 onboard graphics & Windows 7 Pro display corrupts


      Windows 7 Pro and Intel HD 2000 onboard graphics to DVI-connected LG IPS226 monitor. Latest Intel graphics drivers: Intel 6 Series/C200 Series chipset.


      Ever since I bought the computer last spring, in almost all cases when a new program installs, or whenever an existing program generates a user control message about wanting access to the hard disk, the display corrupts into a shimmery reddish pixel effect. The display can be seen and used; but it's like a curtain is drawn over the display. Rebooting cures the problem.


      Earlier on, I had hoped that updating the graphics drivers would fix the problem, but that hasn't happened.



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          Up until reading your post, I was convinced that the latest Intel graphics drivers were a problem.  Now I realize that the 2000/3000 section of the CPU is the issue.


          You have two options.  First, you can RMA the CPU back to Intel.  The disadvantages are that you will be without a CPU for a few weeks and there is no guarantee Intel will give you a new CPU.  Or second, you can buy and install a video card.  Many people have opted for the second solution.