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    DH55TC with Core i3 540




      I have a very strange issue with the DH55TC motherboard. Firstly, there are times when suddenly all the USB ports stop working and the computer freezes. I think I have narrowed it down to an old Creative USB Web Cam that I have which is very old. At times I get the error that an unknown device was found or error detecting device, and sometimes it detects the web cam. There arent any Windows 7 drivers for it available anywhere. Should I continue using this WebCam or could this be causing the problem ?


      Also, I have noticed that after I press the power button, the lights come on after ~2-3 seconds later and then the PC boots up... Is this normal ?





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          Our recommendation to narrow the issue is trying your motherboard but this time completely the pc camera from the USB ports. Check with the camera manufacturer for latest drivers or firmware update. If the issue still persists then we can narrow it to the motherboard and proceed with further troubleshooting.