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    Can one enable disk passwords on SSD 320 also "after the fact"?


      I bought myself an Intel SSD 320 about 3 weeks ago and I am still enjoying the fantastic speed of my system. It's such a joy and pleasure!


      I initially did not set a disk password in the BIOS (I simply forgot...). Now I was reading about disk encryption the other day and if I understood things correctly, then the SSD 320 encrypts all disk content by default (using AES 128 or 256?).


      I would find that very handy, but I have a question: can I also set the password in the BIOS now after I already copied all my data onto the SSD or would that render all data already stored immediately unaccessible?


      In other words: if I want to enable the disk password now (while of course wanting to keep all my data) - can I

      a) just set the disk password and everythings stays the same (except that I will now have to enter the pwd after each power on) OR

      b) do I first have to backup all my data, then set a disk password (which will essentially wipe all my data) and then copy the backup back onto the disk?