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    Recovering system after removal of Intel storage matrix mng incl. drivers


      All this is about a PC with Vista 32Bits on it.

      An Asus laptop with single HDD in it - it is no SSD.

      During booting the BIOS does not offer the ctlr+I option nor it presents "Intel Matrix Storage Manager Option ROM".

      However, the Matrix Storage Manager software was installed all the time.

      So, I assume it was installed in order to have the hdd run in AHCI mode.

      No RAID array exist, option ROM not present.

      Backup of whole system was done few weeks ago.


      Recently the software Matrix Storage Managere was removed from system by user, by a mistake.

      Unfortunately it was removed inclusively host controller drivers.

      So the system does not boot any more.


      Taking this situation is new installation of whole system, inclusively installing all used software,

      performing all personalization, restoring all user data the only one possible way to recover?

      Or it is perhaps possible to repair some files using other working system?

      If yes, how will be the procedure?