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    serious error with INTEL storage driver

      I have just experienced a serious error; Microsoft advises that it was caused by : Intel storage driver (inechndr.sys); also says it is no longer supported by Intel but that I should contact Intel or should uninstall the driver;  so what should I do and what does Intel advise? what would be the effect on my desktop if I uninstall this storage driver?  NEED ANSWER QUICKLY.

      THANK YOU.

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          I'm not sure which storage driver this one refers to but in general the OS will not let you completely remove a storage driver so as not not completely break the setup leaving the system unbootable. I usually lookup the drivers for the MB first, as a staring point. Then for example go to the raid matrix storage manager page.




          Then choose the highest version which supports BOTH your hardware and OS. Then using control panel un-install the old version, as best as the os will allow, reboot install the new version and reboot again.


          I have found it to be most beneficial to remove the older versions, prior to installing the new ones for audio, video, lan, ime etc.