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    Big difference in Core temps i5 2500K during load





      I have an i5 2500k processor that, under full load, showes some rather large temperature differences.



      Core 0: 48 max

      Core 1: 64 Max

      Core 2: 57 Max

      Core 3: 57 Max



      This is meassured with programs like coretemp and HW Monitor.


      I have an Asus P8P67 MB with latest bios

      The CPU is clocked at 4.4 GHz with an aftermarket cooler


      I have reseated the cooler several times but still the same thing.



      Is this dangerous in any way and is there anything I can do to perhaps fix it?


      The CPU temperatures is about 57 degrees maximum.



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          You do not need to pay attention to the Cores temperature, you only need to pay attention to the CPU temperature itself.

          Since the CPU is running at 57 degrees Celsius, it is OK, since the maximum recommended CPU temperature is 72.6 degrees Celsius for this processor.


          Just make sure that the CPU temperature does not reaches above 72.6 degrees Celsius.

          Keep in mind that over-clocking the processor above Tubo Boost (3.7 GHz) is not recommended, since the processor will be running out of specifications.