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    DH67BL bios 0150


      I'm tired of trying to play Modern  Warfare with the integrated graphics card (Intel 3000), when the  correction is coming out for the 0150 bios? If I replace my ATI 6850  with a NVIDIA 560 the PC  works well?




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          why are you still on 0150 ? aren't you supposed to be using 0132 ???


          i am back on 0132 and installed windows 8 preview. the pc is now faster and runs cooler than before.

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            It is impossible to go back to 0132 the new bios does not leave , the only solution is to wait for an update to correct the 0150, I tried to get back in every way and it is not possible, also intel also says that is impossible. But if you now some way to go back I thank you.











            "The loss of LAN after updating to  BIOS version 0150 is caused by a  previously unseen memory allocation  conflict between ATI* video cards  and the onboard LAN resources.  This  behavior has not been observed  with other manufacturer’s add-in video  cards. As a temporary  workaround, LAN connectivity can be restored by  removing the ATI video  card and using onboard video instead.


            Intel regrets any inconvenience caused by this issue and is working to provide a corrected BIOS as soon as possible."

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              you are able to downgrade from 0150 to 0146 via F7. And you are able to downgrade from 0150 to 0132 via Recovery-BIOS, that means that you have to remove the BIOS-Jumper and insert a CD-ROM with the *0132.bio on it.

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                First: The 0146 bios isn,t anymore in download center.

                Second: I try the recovery bios with 0132 in a cd-rom and in a pen drive removing the jumper and nothing, the display went black and nothing help. I only put the bios file in the cd-rom/pen drive, is there a special way to make this cd-rom/pen drive? Tell me your steps because I don´t no what to do. In the past I have made 2 downgrade bios but this time I can´t. Do you no if the new bios takes to long?




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                  you have to go back to 146 and then to 132. you can use the express method from windows.


                  if you need 146 i can mail it to you.

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                    I would like to try, but  how to do this without exposing my email to everybody?

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                      With my DH67GD (running with BL0150P.BIO) is was possible to boot without the Recoveryjumper and load the BL0132P.BIO directly from a CD-ROM (no multisession).


                      Are you able to write PNs?

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                        Johannes May

                        Hello harishu,

                        i need verion 146, too. Can you mail it to me, please?

                        My email address: ***** (edited for personal information)

                        Thank you!

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                          There is a new BIOS version 0160 available for this board.  Please check the following link:

                          Download Center



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                            Ruben Ramos

                            Hi Haspt,


                            We discovered that when attempting to update to version 0146 from a version earlier than 0132, the system may hang. So it was deleted from the system.


                            We recommend to you to use the latest BIOS version available in our website which is 0160 at the following link: Download Center

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