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    Intel 310 series SSD mSATA driver conflicts Windows 8 Consumer Build


      Hi Intel SSD community/support.


      This is my first post here. As a desktop user with good Intel SSD experiences, I naturally decided upon an Intel product for reliability and performance as an upgrade to my MSi Windpad 110W Tablet. SPECS.


      I replaced the stock Sandisk 32GB SSD with the;

      * Solid State (SSD) - Intel - SSDMAEMC080G2C1
      Intel 80GB SSD, 310 Series, mini PCIe mSATA 3Gb/s, Read 200MB/s, Write 70MB/s, OEM


      Under Windows 8 Consumer Build - the SSD causes the OS to hang and become unbootable after initial clean install (once any device driver install or Windows Update is attempted). Under a clean install of Windows 7 - with all drivers and updates completed, the Win8 Boot disc will not even load allowing an upgrade install (hands also).


      However - the stock 32GB Sandisk SSD performed the Windows 8 install without any issues, and allowed driver updates and Windows Updates to occur - never once crashing, hanging or making the OS unbootable.


      I can only deduce that the Hardware/Driver of the Intel SSD is the root cause of the issue. Right now, WIndows 7 is performing with no issues on the same Tablet device with the installed Intel 310 series SSD.  I also installed 4GB of RAM (replacing 2GB stock) - however memtest and other diagnostics proved there was no Win8 issue with the RAM.


      Can you please confirm;


      A. If you have any suggested driver updates or fixes for this issue and/or

      B. My Australian warranty/refund position (purchase was last week).


      Here's a link to others confirming the same issue: link


      Thank you.




      PS - I was aiming to do a Win8 preview write-up on my website and need this issue resolved first.



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