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    External Display Calibration w/ GMA 3000


      I am here to report an issue with my Lenovo X220 using an intel gma 3000.



      When I got the system, I was able to assign unique .icm color profiles, using the built in windows color management tool, for both my external monitor and my laptop screen.


      With only drivers updates as changes to the system, windows color management now only has my laptop screen in the devices drop down menu (within the color mangement tool). Control of the external display's color profile seems to have been comprimised by an intel driver update somewhere along the way.



      -The external monitor still shows up in other areas (windows device manager, screen resolution settings, etc.).


      A final comment: Intel's software has in general been a nightmare to deal with in terms of color calibration. Even when I did have control using the windows menus, if I opened intel's graphics options up, the color profiles woudl be overrided to some unknown intel default (not the windows default). As discussed in other threads, when returning from sleep the same issue was experienced. The workaround for this was to disable to "persistance module" process. That is unacceptable, and support for color management should be either 1) fully untouched 2) fully integrated.


      Please advise what my options are to restore this functionality to my system, which is necessary for my color sensitive work.