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    IRST enterprise problem


      hello, im having trouble installing IRST drive


      heres my spec that i recently purchased


      x79 sabertooth

      3.6ghz cpu


      ram 16gb

      ssd 120gb kingston

      1tb samsung hdd x2


      even its fresh new install, whenever i install this IRST enterprise drive .. everything crashes.. then few min later it works and freeze again .. work again..


      my mobo disk has IRST enterprise sata drive and also asmedia sata drive as well. but now i installed only asmedia sata drive.


      i didnt set any RAID set up at hdd at all.


      is there anyways to fix this problem? because whenever i install this drive whole windows system is freezing ..


      now i can write this down here because i didnt install IRST enterprise yet..


      also i tried to install IRST no enterprise , but im getting error message, that my system doesnt meet the minimum requirement.



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          If you install it again, note the Mode reported when you open Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise application.  Considering you can get that far.


          I am not using RAID, but this driver is reporting it is running in RAID mode.  I found another user with the same motherboard as me (Gigabyte X79-UD3) and he has these drivers installed and it is reporting AHCI.  He is able to use a number of applications that I can not use because of the Mode it is running in.


          Maybe it is loading in RAID mode (like me) and the ASUS UEFI BIOS conflicts with it since you have RAID disabled?


          I've detailed my issue here: http://communities.intel.com/message/151852#151852