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    Problem with memory speed on DZ68BC Mobo




      I've installed 16GB of 1600MHz Corsair Vengence memory in this Mobo.  But the Bios and other programs show the the memory speed is 1333MHz.


      Corsair says that they have a built in XMP profile 1 in the kit that I used.  They also said that there is a way to set this up on most Mobo;s.  From what I have seen on Intel Support is it uses a profile of 1.2 XMP.


      I'm using Windows 7 ultima, and have BCZ6810H.86A.0027 version of BIOS is there a way to set Bios to get all of the correct Cas latencies memory speed and voltage set to automatically update as Corsair says?



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          HELLO Webmaster,


          I posted the message above on March 16 and it was approved what ever that means.

          I was not a member of this forum at that time. There is not a way to attach your approved reply here. 


          Today is May 29 and I'm still waiting for a reply.


          Can someone please help me with this.  I'm now using version .0028 of the Bios noted above.

          The current version of this Bios is .0035 but I chose not to install it because to many users arw having problems with it


          I'm sure if a boss gave an order to do this, someone would be fired by now!


          Thank YOU