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    Intel Integrator Assistant Not Worky


      We need to input the serial numbers of our PC's into the SMBIOS. The only way I can see to do it is with the IIA/


      We have DG33BU, DG45ID, DH55TC, DH67BL and the IIA says to all of them their not supported motherboards


      What is going on? I see a lot of people with this error but no answers? Ive tried installing intel desktop utilities which was suggested on one post but this also didnt work


      Using IIA



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          It seems to work on a fresh image however some that were imaged last week it isnt working


          Is there a time limit or something built in? ive tried breaking a working PC by running all windows updates, updating all drivers, updating bios etc but no luck still works

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            Got a bit further with this


            If you run iassist on a new install from a memory stick it works fine and will work everytime unless


            If you try and run iassist from a network location or mapped drive it fails. It will also then subsequently fail on a memory stick on that machine. I'm guessing the system is blocking it or a file/setting is altered when running from a mapped drive?



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              When you run the tool from a network drive it creates a service driver in the registry which fails as it trys to load a dll from the network which windows blocks


              I have written a script to delete this but requires a reboot. Variable64.sys is not alwaysfound. All these entries are supposed to clean up after the program exits



              batch file

              net stop efivariable
              regedit /S efi.reg
              del /Q C:\Windows\SysWOW64\drivers\variable64.sys


              registry file (efi.reg)

              Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



              Hopefully this will help someone