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    Intel D510MO - How to get physical serial ports to work?


      Is there something special that has to be done on the Intel D510MO  board to get the COM1 and COM2 ports to work?  We are trying to get our  equipment to talk to the Intel board (running W7) via COM1/COM2 with no  luck.  The same equipment communicates fine via a virtual COM3 port  using an RS232-to-USB adapter cable.


      For the cable from  the serial header (Figure 12, Item C on p34 of the product guide) to  the external DB9 connector we are using our own 10pin header/ribbon  cable/DB9 cables pinned out as follows:



      MB Header Pin #
      DB9 Connector Pin #





      COM1 and COM2 and the virtual COM3 all show up in the device manager and report that they are working correctly and have the proper settings.  However, communication only seems to work on the virtual port.  Can anyone think of something I might be missing?

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          What type of equipment are you connecting to the ports? DCE equipment will use a straight-through cable. DTE equipment must use a cross-over cable. (Called a null modem cable.) Check the specs (pins) for your equipment. Also check if Hardware Flow Control is turned on for the COM ports. If it is, the equipment must raise CTS and/or DSR to receive data.


          Forgot to Mention: Make sure the COM ports are turned on in the BIOS.

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            We are connecting it to a piece of equipment that we manufacture ourselves.  The equipment communicates fine via a virtual COM port provided by a proflific USB-to-RS232 adapter (both on the D510MO board and on other PCs) as well as communicating with physical COM ports on other PCs with the same 9600-8-N-1 settings.


            Everything is the same (same D510MO board, same piece of other equippment, same RS232 cable) - The only thing being introduced outside of that is the three inch cable, wired as above, that goes from the COM header on the D510MO to an RS232 connector and this is the only scenario where to doesn't work.





            I normally look at this unit via VNC, so it would take some moving around to get a keyboard/monitor/mouse hooked up to it to look at the BIOS - so I wanted to ask before I do that:  could the COM ports be turned off in BIOS and still show up in the W7 Device Manager as working properly?