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    Intel 520 240GB not recognized in SSD toolbox


      Symptom:  Drive is not recognized as an Intel 240GB drive.


      Toolbox home screen


      Drive Summary section shows

      Model: Unknown 240G

      Firmware Version: 400i

      Serial Number: is correct


      SMART Summery section:


      Drive Health: blank  Estimated life remaining: blank

      (SMART drive health and SMART Estimated life remaining are not available when the

      SMART Feature is disabled)


      Intel SSD Optimizer button in upper corners is "grayed out" not gray just not visibly available


      Using all SATA ports on the DX79SI board with RAID configured.  SSD and CD/DVD in 6gbs ports and recognized in BIOS, Four 500GB dries in 3GB ports and configured for raid 10, recognized in BIOS


      Option ROM version AND RSTe version (tried to update to without success, program runs without error but checking help, about still shows


      I hope to get this working as I have two other i7920 boxes with SSD's and it works on them.  I've read a little about the sata chipset, which by the way was a pain when I loaded the OS on the SSD, had to resort to the old F6 method, but it's not the quite same in WIN7 64bit


      Any suggestions, Ideas?