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    i72600k Temperature Question.


      Hi, I am all new into the over clocking scene and stuff, so I got the following question.


      I have read from different related posts that the i72600k processor is a 95W processor which operates safely at a max Tcase of 72°C.


      I test my CPU with AIDA64 and validate specs with CPU-Z.


      After around 10 mins of performing the system stability test, AIDA throws the following results:


      Stability Test Results.png


      I am concerned about the individual Core temperatures, because clearly they are close to their maximum operating temperature, however if I am not understanding wrongly CPU temperature was maximum 44°C (is this the CPU case temperature??) which means I am safe? Or should I worry about the cooling?


      BTW, got a big TT case with 2 fans, and an H80 cooling system for the CPU, ambient temp should be around 24°C.