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    Intel HD Graphics Driver with Gateway NV79 Problem


      I have a Gateway NV79 laptop with Inel HD graphics driver and it keeps crashing if I open Youtube or any other application with flash player, I replaced original hard drive with new one as old one corrupted coz of too many reboots, I restored factory settings in new hard drive and no other application installed other than vendor apps and I tried different versions of Intel HD drivers as Intel support suggested, but nothing seems to fix the issue. If I uninstall the driver then system stays stable, but display isn't good and the max resolution I have is 1024x768. I came across so many other forums and found that I can't install any other display drivers like nvidia as graphics card is built-in. Has anyone come across this issue and fixed it? This is really killing me, and I don't want to buy another new laptop as I am waiting for Windows 8 release. Any help is really appreciated.