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    Intel DH67CF issue with HD 5450 discrete graphics




      I recently bought a DH67CF, and am trying to get it running with a Sapphire HD5450. Unfortunately the board does not 'recognize' the HD5450, in the BIOS it keeps saying that the PCI express slot (there's only one) is 'not populated'. In linux, a 'lspci' command also doesn't list the HD5450.


      I upgraded the BIOS to the latest available for this board (version 132), tried disconnecting the battery for 10 min. but no (positive) results.


      I checked the HD5450 in another MB and it works flawlessly.


      Could someone confirm that this configuration should work? Give me some hints how to get it working? Or confirm that this is a failing hardware issue (in which case i'll start a RMA procedure)?

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          Does you graphics card have a supplimentary power socket (or two) to get extra power above what the PCI-E slot provides? If so, is it correctly connected to your PSU? Use of these sockets (where provided) is compulsory and not using the connector could explain a failure to recognise the board. It'd also be worth double checking that the card is corectly (evenly) pushed fully into the PCI-E slot (of course with the power totally unplugged from the PC when removing/reinserting any cards). Was the BIOS update performed with the graphics card removed (thats the preferable way to go and I've seen people encounter problems with some board and card combinations otherwise).