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    Complex problem - i7 2600 Overheat (tried everything)


      Hello, this is a complex problem and I'll do my best to explain it in a simple way:

      Scenario: Motherboard dh67blb3 - CPU core i7 2600

      Problem: CPU scalates till 80/85/90 (temperature from the bios) without doing anything.


      I've tried:

      a) Upgrading the bios to last version, didn't work.

      b) Adding thermal paste several times, didn't work.

      c) Checking if the cooler was properly connected and making contact, it was, didn't work.

      d) Sent the mother and cpu to rma, they told me, they tried the cpu in a different mother (from asus, they told me there was no stock of dh67blb3) temp was ok, so they say "It's the motherboard, it's obvious because rpm are 1000 and they should be at least 2000" (not very logical but I went with it), I told them "I want an intel motherboard, asus or asrock is out of the question", so they tried a dh61crb3, temperature scalates again. Then they told me, the problem are the motherboards it can happen with intel sometimes a lot of them come with errors (i keep asking "try a different cpu just to be sure", they told me, cannot do that and open a new cpu, you should call intel rma and ask them). So I told them, give me back my motherboard and cpu.

      e) I've tried another dh67blb3 just to see if maybe really was the motherboard, nop, no luck.

      f) I've tried a dh61sa and temp stayed around 75/76 (bios), but it's a high temp anyway.


      So I have no clue what to do next, are there incompatibilities between dh67bl and i7 2600?, to me it sounds like a processor issue but I'd like to hear from you, any ideas?

      I'm thinking of buying an intel i5 2300 tomorrow just to see what happens but I don't want to keep spending money on this.

      Thanks in advance and pardon my english, It's a little rusty.



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          I'm guessing I might be having a simular issue with a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2760QM CPU @ 2.40GHz.  Just got the computer from Dell and the fan keep comming on.  I ran a stress test and the temps were around 80+ C after the test completed. 


          The sent a tech over last night and replaced the heat synch and CPU fan, but the issue is still happening.  Now they are going to replace the mother board, heat synch, and CPU fan all at the same time to see if that fixes the issue.


          All along I said I think it might be a bad CPU as it seemed like it was heating up too fast.  Your post makes me feel like that is the true issue.