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    Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel for Windows 8?


      When will we see new drivers for Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000 for Windows 8 Consumer Preview?


      I run my HTPC with a new Intel Series 6 board and relied on the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" (the task tray application) to scale my display to account for overscan in my plasma TV.  Without this custom scaling option, my HTPC is unusable.


      I've managed to install the drivers using this modification of the INF file, however the Control Panel still wont install.




      If there is some hack for custom scaling? - I'd accept that for now.


      Any word on a Windows 8 compatible Control Panel?

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          i was also able to install some hacked drivers... but why doesn't intel publish some working Windows 8 Drivers including a control panel ?

          Im using W8CP on my HTPC and i also need the scale settings. The scale settings of the hacked drivers only work when the highest resolution is set. though id like to set a lower resolution and still be able to scale. This does work in Windows 7 but not in Windows 8 CP.