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    Win8 CP and OpenGL on //BUILD tablet


      Are there any plans to release OpenGL compatible drivers for the Win8  Consumer Preview for the Intel HD series graphics supplied with the  //BUILD tablet?  There are unofficial methods of installing recent  Windows 7 drivers on the machine, but I'd rather use official ones if at  all possible.  The lack of OpenGL support on these tablets is  frustrating...

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          The Intel HD Graphics family controllers do not have specific drivers nor support for Microsoft* Windows* 8. This operating system release is a Beta version as testing and optimizations are ongoing and your system may have unintended effects. Intel will provide support until the production operating system is released.


          For more information on supported operating systems, please visit the following link:




          Regarding with compatibility between Intel(R) HD Graphics and OpenGL, please check the following link:









          Dago MC.

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            To the last post, as you might have seen in the other thread, Win8-specific drivers are available from Intel, and MS has them in Windows Update.


            However, they don't support OpenGL yet, as the OP mentioned. Intel needs to follow in the footsteps of Nvidia and AMD to get full-featured Win8 CP drivers out the door ASAP (getting the Win7 drivers working is frought with complications). Obviously, waiting until October isn't practical.

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              I know others that have undertaken an early adoption approach for Windows 8, and are engaged in testing and preview of features before the final release of Windows 8. Its a great way to get ahead of the curse, and get a taste of whats coming from Microsoft, and to support our business, and clients.


              Part of this relies on the support and communication from hardare manufacturers, such as Intel.


              Is there no early access program for Intel, to allow us to preview your no-yet-stable driver builds? I'm certain that those with access to hardware with Windows 8 running would greatly appreciate any access, and be happy enough to accept any restrictions regarding non disclosure, and automated feedback/bug reports as required in order to gain access to early stage builds of drivers for their hardware.


              I personally have a Samsung Series 7 Slate, and my work requires OpenGL. The lack of driver support for the Intel 3000 series display adaptor is the only piece thats lacking in the setup, installation and usage of this platform.

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                There are unofficial methods of installing recent  Windows 7 drivers on the machine

                Are you able to provide a link or some information? I'm hopeful that Intel comes through with some early access drivers, but traditionally Intel has not been overly supportive of early adopters. Hacking in old drivers may be the only solution at this stage.