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    Boot drive order on DH67GD




      i use the DH67GD mainboard and have 2 HDDs installed:

      P0 with Win7 64bit and

      P1 with linux.


      In the section "Boot" in BIOS I changed the "Boot Drive Order" to




      but the mainboard boots always from P0!


      I also changed the "Boot Menu Type" to Normal and Advanced for testing purposes but always the same situation.


      UEFI boot is enabled.


      I can only boot to P1 when i press F10 for the boot menu an select P1 manually.


      What must be set when i want the mainboard to always boot from P1?



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          What you are trying to accomplish is a dual boot, usually Windows needs to be installed first before Linux, creating a NTFS partition when formatting.


          Our recommendation is contacting the Linux authorized support groups for further information and instructions on how to create a dual boot system using these two Operating System (OS). 

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            Hi Dan,


            both systems are installed an running very well.


            Windows on P0 and

            Linux on P1.


            What settings do I need in BIOS to always boot from P1?


            When UEFI is activated, the mainboard always boots from P0!!! WTF #fail