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    D525MW Board (Atom D525 CPU) Running Hot


      Hi all,

      Last week I bought the components for two mini ITX machines:

      - Motherboard: D525MW

      - RAM: 2GB SODIMM DDR3 1066MHz/PC3-8500

      - 250GB WD SATA Disk

      I assembled both machines over two nights, and both seem to operate fine, but I've noticed an oddity with one of the motherboard/CPU combinations.

      The first machine I assembled idles with both cores between 5 and 15 degrees C, which seems fine (and reassuringly cool :-)), whilst overall CPU temperature is 30 degrees.  Note that this machine is only using passive cooling (the only running fan is in the PSU)

      Meanwhile, the cores on the other machine idle between 20 and 30 degrees C, with an overall CPU temp of 45-60 degrees (which, according to SpeedFan, is beyond the threshold for an alarm).  And that's with forced cooling (case fan).  If I rely on passive cooling alone, each core idles between 30 and 35 degrees.  The alarm strikes me as odd, because I understood the max temperature for this board to be 100 degrees C.  These higher temperatures are reflected in the BIOS monitoring page.

      So, firstly, does anyone know whether the higher temperatures exhibited by the second machine are safe for continuous operation?  Both machines are to be used as servers, so they'll be on 24/7 (hence the choice of an Atom board).  I've updated the BIOS on both, and they continue to show the same temperatures.  Intel's Processor Diagnostic Tool passes on both of them, which gives me some reassurance :-).

      Can anyone suggest why one machine might be running hotter than the other, given that they're using the same components and have been set up in the same way?  I've got a suspicion that the heatsink on the second machine is ineffective, or hasn't been afixed to the board correctly.