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    Intel Board DG41RQ - will it run dual monitors with a PCI-E card added?


      I have 12 of these DG41RQ. On two of them I'd like dual monitors for picture display on the retail counter.


      I put a MSI N210 MD512D3  DDR3


      It has a VGA, DVI and HDMI


      I'm not sure this mother board will support dual monitors and can't seem to find anything on the topic specifically.


      te system is:

      DG41RQ, Board Version: AAE54511-203

      BIOS is at Versoin 17 (3/2011)


      Running Windows XP Pro (32)


      I connected two ACER monitors to it. One via MB VGA, the other VIA VGA or HDMI or Both HDMI and VGA on the card with same results. Only one monitor, comes up. BIOS are set to Auto and it seems to default to the card.

      1. So, will this mother board support two monitors as configured?

      2. Not sure if maybe I have to install two monitors via HDMI and DVI vs. the VGA?



      Thanks for your input/assistance!

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          It depends which PCI-E card you have added and whether the monitors will correct accordingly to the card. On older style boards such as this (and my DG45ID) when you install a PCI-E graphics card, the onboard graphics capability is automatically disabled so you can't use both at the same time.


          Also check with the graphics card vendor that the desired functionality is achievable with Win XP as some cards come with more advanced functionality reserved only for newer operating systems. As an example the onboard graphics of my DG45ID wont perform as fully with Blu-ray playback under XP as under Win 7.