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    4 Series Desktop AMT Board - DQ45CB & DQ45EK


      Hi there,


      I have two motherboards DQ45EK and DQ45CB. Both of them supports AMT (VPro).
      I have the latest bios from the website (updated through recovery mode).

      When the system boots up, there is the Management Engine Bios Extension (MBEx) by pressing Ctrl + P to enter the setup.


      Ctrl + P Options:
      Main Menu

      Intel (R) ME Configuration
      Intel (R) AMT Configuration
      Change ME Password

      According to the manual on the Intel Website, these above options must be available.


      But unfortunately on my two motherboards, I dont have the Intel (R) AMT Configuration to configure the provisioning & ip address etc.

      Am i missing something? Can you please help me?





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